Activities To Do In Dubai International Airport


The Dubai Airport is a beautifully designed airport, and is definitely among the most happening ones in the world. The laptop offers a ton of activities to indulge in when you’re stuck between a lay over, or have just reached too early. It’s got a lot leisurely things to do, which makes it a great place to have a lay over between flights. So what are the best things to do in the Dubai Airport? Let’s find out.

 1. Eat Authentic Food

Dubai is a place to have to the most authentic cuisines in the world, especially the Arabic, and Middle Eastern ones. The town is filled with several great restaurants, and the airport is no different. So while you’re getting bored waiting for your flight, you can satisfy your food cravings in any other great restaurants in the Dubai Airport. Some of the prominent ones include, The Kitchen By Wolfgang Puck, Pret a Manger, Seafood Restaurant, etc.

 2. Have A Rejuvenating Spa Session

If you are in a lay over from a long flight, stuck at the Dubai Airport, feeling tired, just head towards any of the exotic spa centres in the airport and rejuvenate yourself. All you need is a lag of couple of hours between the flight, so that spend 30-45 minutes on the therapeutic massages, to release on the tension in your muscles, so that the next flight you take, you can sleep well. Some of the best spa centres include Ba Relax, Sleep ‘n Fly, XpresSpa, etc.

 3. Go For A Walk At The Zen Garden

The formalities of boarding and un-boarding flights could be frustrating at times, especially when you are in between a connecting flight. The hours of lay over time can get serious boring, and having a walk in a open space could really help. You can do just that at the Zen Garden, if you happen to have long hours before having boarding the next flight. Though not exactly an open space, but the greenery soothes your eyes and mood, so that you feel relaxed.

 4. Get A Good Deal At Duty Free Shops

You ask any shopaholic, what’s the best thing to do to kill boredom, and they’ll say shopping. Same would be the case if you ask a similar question about anything. However, the duty-free stores in the Dubai Airport viciously tempts you to buy your favourite products with no duty at all. In fact, the duty-free stores in the Dubai Airport is the largest single airport retailer in the world. From exclusive products from the biggest brands, to the high-quality products from local manufacturers, there’s a lot to choose from.

 5. Relax At Any Of The Premium Lounges

Between two hectic flights, all you need is a secluded place to sit back and relax, munching your favourite food and sipping your drink. If you agree, then that’s what you get at the Dubai Airport. Premium lounges, with some awesome food and drinks, are a great place to relax, and let all the hurries and worries of flight boarding subside. Dubai is a home to some of the most exquisite lounges in the world, and the ones at airport are no different, and are arguably the best you’ll find on any airport in the world. Emirates Business Class Lounge, Marhaba Lounge A Gates Concourse, Sleep N Fly By Yawn, etc., are some of the best ones.