Peaceful Living at its Best: Top Places in Sharjah to Rent an Apartment


Among all the 7 Emirates in U.A.E, Sharjah has the third most populated and it is also the third-largest. Living in Sharjah is a dream of many, thanks to the better quality of living in the emirate. The city also boasts of all facilities like schools, hospitals, religious institutions, supermarkets, hotels and all that you would need. This is also one of the major reasons why people who work in cities nearby to Sharjah, say like Dubai, prefer to stay in Sharjah and commute to work. So, what are the best and affordable places to rent an apartment in Sharjah, the cultural capital of the U.A.E? Let us take a look:

1. Al Khan

When it comes to renting an apartment, you can possibly find no place that is more affordable than Al Khan. This is why for many Al Khan is the first choice to rent an apartment, preferably 2 BHK apartments, even though other size options are available in plenty. What makes Al Khan so popular is that it serves as the boundary between Sharjah and Dubai, which makes commuting between the emirates all the easier. Al Khan is now being restored to its old glory and a heritage area.

Average Yearly Rent:

1 BHK Apartment – 35000 AED
2 BHK Apartment – 43000 AED
3  BHK Apartment – 55000 AED

2. Muwaileh

Heritage and tradition lie buried deep in the sands of Muwaileh, which is one of the most popular and important archaeological sites in U.A.E. This is the suburb in which the first evidence of writing in U.A.E was discovered. This suburb is in the outskirts of Sharjah and you can find a lot of industrial areas around Muwaileh. The best thing about Muwaileh is that it is in close proximity to some major places and roads, which makes travelling to any place easy. The neighbourhoods in Muwaileh is much quieter compared to the other suburbs, which makes it an ideal place to stay.

Average Yearly Rent:

1 BHK Apartment – 30000 AED
2 BHK Apartment – 44000 AED
3  BHK Apartment – 60000 AED

3. Al Nahda

Al Nadha Sharjah

Here is another area that lies between Sharjah and Dubai, which offers you the convenience to enjoy the best of both cities. Being strategically placed between the two major cities in U.A.E, Al Nahda is popular with the people looking to rent apartments in Sharjah. This is one of the best places for people who are working in Dubai and planning to save some amount on rent, and also willing to drive or ride to and fro daily. Al Nahda is a prime location in Sharjah and houses some major schools and other institutions.

Average Yearly Rent:

1 BHK Apartment – 37000 AED
2 BHK Apartment – 45000 AED
3  BHK Apartment – 76000 AED

4. Al Tawuun

If you wish to enjoy life in the metropolis, then Al Taawun is the place for you. This is a bustling region, on the border between Sharjah and Dubai. This is yet another place that allows you to enjoy the best of both cities. Al Taawun offers its residents with many other possibilities to engage in entertaining activities and easily escape to your favourite getaway spot during weekends. The area is much near to Al Qasba, one of the most popular tourist spots in  Sharjah. Al Qasba is packed with cafes, shops and restaurants, which helps you pamper your taste buds with your favourite delicacies. The musical fountain that families can enjoy is also a popular attraction of the region. This helps Al Taawun be preferred by people when it comes to renting an apartment in Sharjah.

Average Yearly Rent:

1 BHK Apartment – 39000 AED
2 BHK Apartment – 51000 AED
3  BHK Apartment – 68000 AED

5. Al Majaz

Al Majaz Sharjah

There would not possibly be any other place in Sharjah which is as famous and popular as Al Majaz. Thinking about this locality, the first image that comes running to the mind is the waterfront and the beautiful musical fountain that is loved by many. This buzzing district overlooks the Khalid Lagoon which helps each home built here to have a breathtaking and picture-perfect view of the beautiful waters. This itself is just enough to let people come flocking to the district to make their home. Al Majaz boasts of a quiet and clean neighbourhood and environment, which is many looks for while planning to buy or rent one. With many opportunities to pass away one’s leisure time Al Majaz offers an individual, nothing can oust it from its position as the most popular area in Sharjah to rent an apartment.

Average Yearly Rent:

1 BHK Apartment – 38000 AED
2 BHK Apartment – 46500 AED
3  BHK Apartment – 69000 AED

These are some of the most popular areas in Sharjah to rent an apartment. With many places being in close proximity to Dubai, the possibilities to commute to your workplace is endless. As the areas in Sharjah are much affordable to stay in than the other two major cities, you can save much on your budget too. Living in Sharjah helps you to save money and enjoy life to its fullest.