Top E-learning Apps Used by Schools in the UAE


Technological advancements have brought many changes to our lives. Everything around has got easier, connected and now anything is virtually possible. From times when we had to wait for some time just to speak to someone else on the other side of the planet, now it is possible to see one and talk to him, wherever he may be.

Even though we are technologically advanced, there may be phases in our life when we will be on the run for protection and searching for ways to keep us safe. With a new virus (Coronavirus or Covid 2019) on the prowl, staying safe relates to isolating one from the outer world and staying indoors. Coronavirus has caused many countries to be in a temporary lockdown. There are travel bans in place, schools have been closed, religious meetings and activities called off among many other measures adopted to curb the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus scare has also prompted the government of the UAE to take necessary actions to “break the chain” of the novel virus. Despite spring vacations being originally scheduled from March 29 to April 12, 2020, schools have been forced to close down from March 8, 2020. Due to this, almost 3 weeks of classes will be lost, but thanks to the quick mindedness of the authorities, processes have been put in place for classes to resume from March 22 to April 1, 2020.

Well, if you think that from March 22 you need to send your kids to school, be assured that this is a distance learning program. Your kid can stay at home, but as a parent, you must make sure that they have access to laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone and a stable internet connection. These classes will come with study resources and links to tasks will also be provided. Kids should make sure that they are completed or submitted online within the deadline.

Private Schools in the UAE are all set to make use of e-learning apps to interact with the students and help the students cover the portions. Today, we will look at some of the major e-learning apps used by private schools in the UAE:

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the best online platforms to connect with others. Some of the reputed educational institutions in the UAE like Dubai British School and SunMarke School are planning to use Microsoft Teams for their distance education programme. Through this app, teachers can easily collaborate with the children and vice-versa. Microsoft Teams bring chat, video meetings, teamwork, file storage and application storage, all under one roof. Connecting through the app also helps the teachers to answer any doubt or question the children may have.

2. Google Classroom

Here is another app developed with the intention of connecting the learners with the instructors. Google Classroom will be used by the schools run by Ambassador Education and RAK Academy. Google Classroom is a free web service and app used mainly for online classes. RAK Academy has five campuses in the UAE and only students who study from Grade two and upwards will be connected by the app. One of the biggest advantages of Google Classroom is that it has a streamlined process when it comes to sharing documents and assignments with the teachers and the students. The app also helps in saving much time and easily discusses the study materials.

3. ClassApp

ClassApp is an e-learning app that is all about maintaining a highly individualised approach. The app has already been used by Jumeirah International Nursery (JIN) to teach the students through e-learning process. One of the biggest advantages of the app is that there are pre-recorded videos that the students can access any time. The teachers at JIN make sure that the kids receive proper education and that the major areas from Earliest Foundation Stage Framework Curriculum are covered. There are around 300 videos of three to six-minute in length created by the teachers across areas such as Arabic, French, music, yoga, gymnastics and more. The training program by JIN is designed to replicate the classroom atmosphere, which is why we can find nap time, breakfast and lunch slots. The classes have also been translated to Hindi and Tagalog, which helps the caretakers to teach the kids.

4. Seesaw App

Seesaw App is one of the best e-learning apps as it connects the teachers, students and parents. While the students and teachers interact, parents can have a look into the work their children are doing real-time. The app will be used by Regent International School for the upcoming distance education program.

5. ClassDojo

ClassDojo, another top-rated e-learning app, will be used by RAK Academy to connect with students of the primary section. The app helps the students and the teachers to share photos, videos and other study material. ClassDojo also helps the teachers to send updates to parents regarding their children’s progress.

These are the top e-learning apps that will be used by the various private schools in the UAE during the distance learning program designed by the authorities.