Top Activities in Dubai for Teenagers


It is widely considered that teenage years are one of the most important and beautiful times in the life of a person. It is the stage when they learn many things, take on more responsibility and start enjoying life. Teenagers will also be fond of partaking in many activities with their friends as it is the time when they start developing real and true relationships.

Dubai, with its many destinations for leisure and adventure, is undoubtedly one of the best places in the UAE to live in. These destinations not only have made Dubai popular with the tourists, but also with the residents of the emirate. There are lots of activities that one can engage in at the emirate, irrespective of the time of the day or climatic conditions.

Dubai offers some interesting and engaging activities for teenagers to help them have fun and learn about things. If you are looking for the best activities in Dubai that teenagers can engage in, we can help you identify some of them. Below is our pick of the top activities in Dubai for teenagers:

1. Atlantis, The Palm

If your teenager likes animals, Atlantis, The Palm offers them the perfect chance to meet finned friends. The up-close animal experience will help them learn a thing or two about underwater life and remain an unforgettable experience. At the Atlantis, teenagers can find a one of a kind dolphin habitat, one of the most sophisticated in the world. There are also tank dives and snorkel excursions and even shark safaris at the Atlantis. One can also learn about some rare animals, like the albino alligators, and meet them. This animal encounter activity would be one of the most entertaining and educating for kids and teenagers.

Location – Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Contact – +971 4 426 1040 

2. IMG Worlds of Adventure

Are you game for some haunting experience? If so, pay a visit to the IMG Worlds of Adventure. This is one of the most perfect places in Dubai for kids of different ages. While the younger kids can go and meet their favourite superheroes and cartoon characters, the older kids can explore the Haunted Hotel. The creepy hotel is sure to put your heart in your mouth. This activity surely is not for the faint at heart and if you are one, make sure that you never visit the place. The place offers an immersive walk through experience and is open for anyone above the age of 15.

Location – Dubailand, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Dubai

Contact – +971 4 403 8888 

3. VR Park

Virtual Reality (VR) has entirely changed our concept of reality and way of seeing things. VR Park is where you can challenge reality and participate in some immersive games and rides. The activities you can engage in at the VR Park combines both augmented and virtual reality to provide everyone with a one of a kind experience. This place offers you the chance to engage in something in your wildest dreams. If you wish to free-fall down the world’s tallest tower, Burj Khalifa, VR Park helps you do it. If you are a big fan of John Wick and wish to step into the shoes of the assassin, you can do it at VR Park. Ever dreamt of flying an out of control drone in 2050 Dubai? If you wish to experience it, stop by at VR Park.

Location – Level 2, The Dubai Mall, Dubai

Contact – +971 4 448 5111

3. Hub Zero

Experience real fun and escape into a world of fun at Hub Zero. It is one of the most popular entertainment hubs in Dubai where the real and virtual worlds blend in seamlessly to provide a unique experience. This place is where you embark on a fantastical adventure, be it taming dragons or journeying through the mystical lands or even fight hard for victory on action-packed battlefields. There are also racing simulators and even classic arcade games like Pac-Man and Space Invaders that one can play. Hub Zero also hosts the Virtual Arena, Dubai’s one and only wireless virtual reality experience. If you love engaging with zombies, Virtual Arena is a must-visit.

Location – City Walk, Jumeirah, Dubai

Contact – +971 800 637227

4. Parkour DXB

Parkour is an activity that is rapidly gaining momentum with many youngsters giving it a try. The urban acrobatic trend can be experienced and learnt in its fullest at the Parkour DXB. There are classes taught by professional trainers for kids, adults and family. Teenagers who are all about staying fit can learn parkour moves and understand how to use the signature moves, in a creative way, to get from one point to another. This place is all about burning off the extra energy.

Location – Parkour DXB, 2nd of December St, West of Satwa Roundabout, Dubai

Contact – 971 4 398 4723

These are some of the engaging and entertaining activities that teenagers can engage in Dubai. The next time you are planning to go out with your friends, make sure to try out these places and have a wonderful and unforgettable experience.