Top 7 Best Seafood Restaurants In Dubai

Seafood Restaurants Dubai

Seafood is a universal favourite, and is probably the most preferred non-veg food around the world. Apart from being famous for its insane skyscrapers and other architectural marvels, Dubai is also known for some best restaurants in the Middle East with authentic and mouth-watering cuisines. Being a peninsula, it also famous for its seafood, prepared in very cuisines and styles. So if you’re a food lover in hunt for some lips-smacking seafood, here are the top seven restaurants to satisfy your taste buds:

 1. Flooka

Flooka is one of the most elegant restaurants in the entire UAE, owned and managed by the Sho Cho Facilities Management Services LLC. The restaurant is famous all over the UAE for its Mediterranean and Lebanese seafood, and it lives up to the hype. The seafood, included crab, fish, prawns, and lobsters are fresh and perfectly cooked.

The dishes served here give you a unique blend of Mediterranean spices and Lebanese style of cooking. Also, the service in this Lebanese restaurant is great, though you won’t find any Lebanese staff. Popular dishes include Kibbet Samak Maklieh, and Kraydes Bil Osmanliyi.


Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa – Jumeirah St – Dubai


12pm – 12am (noon to midnight)

2. Peppercrab

PepperCrab Dubai

Peppercrab, as the name suggests, is renowned for its crab dishes in the UAE. Located at the Grand Hyatt, the restaurant serves authentic Singaporean seafood, with along with other cuisines as well. The restaurant is particularly a peaceful dinner date, due to its mellow and relaxing ambience.

The food is simply delicious, with perfect blend of flavours and spices lifts your mood. And the best part is the hospitality and service of Hyatt, that makes one come again and again to the place. Try the Singaporean Prawn Noodles and the Drunken Crab On Fire.


Ground Floor, Grand Hyatt Dubai, Dubai Healthcare City – Dubai


7pm – 12am, closed on Sundays.

 3. Ossiano

Ossiano Dubai

Ossiano is a beautiful award-winning underwater seafood restaurant, so you see the fish swim over you head while you have your food. It serves some of the best prawn dishes in the city, that will leave your taste buds satisfied. The restaurants is built under The Ambassador Lagoon, an fish aquarium with over 65,000 fishes.

The Ossiano is the perfect location to celebrate a special occasion, or spend some quality time with you loved ones. The epic Grilled Tiger Prawns, and the Poached Blue Lobster, will make you tummy happy and content.


Atlantis, The Palm – Crescent Rd – Dubai


6.30pm – 12am

 4. As You Fish

As You Fish is a youthful and funky restaurant, which looks like a white villa of yore. It has both, indoor and outdoor dining, so that you can choose depending on the mood. As You Fish offers some of the most sumptuous seafood, designed by world class executive chefs, with a taste like no other. Owners of this place come from Kerala, India, a place world famous for its seafood.

Try the Lobster Melt with Fries, the Seafood Platter, and the Seafood Bisque to have a unique multi-cuisine seafood experience. Each dish is made with fresh meat, and exquisite spices from around the world.


Jumeirah St – Dubai


12pm – 12am (noon to midnight)

 5. Bamboo Lagoon

Bamboo Lagoon, as the name suggests, is a tropical lagoon themed restaurant, decorated with bamboo huts, waterfalls, bridges, and waterways. It’s as you’re not in a desert city, but a far eastern island. Adding to the feel, the staff is also dressed in traditional tropical style. Then there’s the Polynesian singers playing at night.

Multi-Asian cuisine grills, fries tandoors are the speciality of this lovely place. The seafood buffet in Thai, Indonesian, and Malaysian style is simply awesome. Try the Mixed Seafood Salad, and the King Fish Teppanyaki, from a big variety of seafood dishes.


Abu Baker Al Siddique Rd, Deira, next to Hamarain Shopping Center – Dubai


7pm – 11.30pm, Saturdays – 12pm – 12am

 6. Ibn al Bahr

Ibn al Bahr, which means Son of the Sea, is a seafood lover’s paradise. The serving authentic seafood from Lebanon, the restaurant presides the shore of the majestic Persian Gulf, which gives engulfing views to the guests.

Ibn al Bahr offers a great blend of traditional Arabic food, with oceanic view on one side, filled with aroma of fried and grilled dishes. It’s one of the few restaurants in Dubai that serve the Lebanese Fish Biryani. Also try the Lobster Thermador, and Golden Fried Breaded Shrimps.


Club Vista Mare – Palm Jumeirah – Dubai


9am – 12am

 7. Bu Qtair

Most of the designated seafood lovers in Dubai consider Bu Qtair to be the best restaurant seafood, period. Nothings fancy about the place, it just serves simple dishes, but the taste kills the competition. You’ll find residents, expats, and visitors from all around the city to this small place, each one of them lost in the scintillating taste of their dishes.

The 30-year-old restaurant began as a tea and bread house, however, has managed to gain legendary status in the Emirates. Try the simple fried fish and prawns, marinated deeply in spices. The moment you take a bite, you’ll realise why the world is gaga over it.


Old 32B Street, Fishing Harbour 2 – Dubai


11.30am – 11.30pm