Top 5 Skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi

Skyscaper UAE


Abu Dhabi is the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE), which spreads on an island that extends into the west coast of the Persian Gulf. UAE is ranks fourth country in the world when it comes to intricate and most complete skyscrapers after Hong Kong, the United States and Japan. Abu Dhabi has a fascinating waterfront, glittering skyscrapers and scurry city center. Abu Dhabi is home to world’s most elevated architecture. The skyline of Abu Dhabi has innovative features, interesting geometrical structures and some have even made their way to world records. Here are the top 5 skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi:

1. Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid

Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid

The 381 meter high Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, on Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, The First Street. The World Trade Center is a complex comprising of three towers of which Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid is the tallest and the other two include the Trust tower and the Hotel tower. The construction of this supreme structure was started in the year 2007 and was accomplished in 2014. This building incorporates smooth, sleek, intricate design elements, solar collectors for energy productivity and ventilated three-skin façade. The building is a part of 700,000 sq. m mixed-use complex featuring 92 storey residential tower. The residential apartments come in different sizes with an average rental price for 1-bed apartment is 95k AED, for a 2-bed apartment is 140k AED and for a 3-bed apartment is 198k AED.

 2. ADNOC Headquarters

ADNOC Headquarters

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) was found in 1971, is a state-owned oil company and is a pillar of economy in the United Arab Emirates. Though ADNOC is not a residential tower, but it is one of the well-known buildings in Abu Dhabi designed by HOK. This breath taking 342 meters giant skyscraper is second tallest in the city. It is a parallelogram structured building to provide best solar orientation and is located on Corniche Road West on 18th Street. The 75 storey tower is constructed using eco-friendly technology respond to the path of sun, aiding passive cooling. There are restrooms, receptions, conference rooms, a Crisis Management Centre, Corniche Club and a heritage museum in the building. The tower has a double-glazed exterior to protect from severe sunlight and to keep it energy potent and is clad in granite to transmit a sense of perpetuation. The top of the tower has an outdoor terrace with an executive dining area.

 3. The Landmark

A 324 meters high tower The Landmark is the third tallest tower in Abu Dhabi. It is located on Corniche road on 8th street. The tower has a fascinating panoramic view of the Persian Gulf and surrounding islands. The tower is a blend of both commercial as well as residential units. Construction of this giant tower started in 2006 and got complete after eight years. The tower has 72 storey and added five basement levels. The shape of the building gets its inspiration from Islamic heritage and art using a 12-sided dodecagon shape. At the base of The Landmark is a glass canopy which offers shade to a series of garden terraces. On the top level there is a temperature and higher wind reduce needed for cooling which is a common practice in Gulf region. The topmost accessible level has a sky garden and outdoor pool. The average yearly rent costs for 1-bed apartments starts from 65k AED, for 2-bed apartments starts from 85k AED, for 3-bedfroom starts from 190k AED and a 4-bed apartment costs around 230k AED.

 4. Etihad Tower 2

      Etihad Tower 2


Etihad tower is a complex comprising of five towers in Abu Dhabi. Out of those fie Etihad tower 2 is the fourth tallest building in Abu Dhabi with a height of 305 meters. The towers are located on Corniche W Street and opposite to Emirates Palace hotel. The unique towers are a blend of apartments, hotels and offices. Etihad tower 1 (69 floors) offers both hotels and residential mix. Tower 2, 4 (66 floors) and 5 (61 floors) are residential towers out of which tower 2 is the tallest, while tower 3 (60 floors) has offices. The complex also comprises of a retail mall and a 5-star hotel. Etihad tower 2 comprises of 80 floors over the ground and four underground levels. The yearly average rent for 1-bed apartment is 92k AED, for 2-bed apartment is 130k AED.

 5. Sky Tower

The 292 meter high building Sky Tower is located in The Shams Gate District, on Al Reem Island. Sun and Sky towers were together constructed by ALDAR, out of which Sky tower is tallest. Both the towers are connected by Podium, which includes BOUTIKs mall, gym, restaurants, cafes etc. The open air area above the Podium comprises of Jacuzzi, swimming pool, yoga lawn, tennis court. The tower provides a beautiful panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf and Abu Dhabi skyline. The Sky Tower is a 74 storey building is designed to have an elliptical shape, with both residential and commercial units. The yearly average rent for 1-bed apartment is 75k AED and for 2-bed apartment is 115k AED.