Top 5 Fitness Centres In Dubai Silicon Oasis

Fitness Centres IN silicon Oasis

The Dubai Silicon Oasis region is one of the best locations for an integrated living, with ample employment opportunities, and luxurious residence options. The area is equipped with all the bells and whistles which symbolize the Emirates, in all its glory. It has got all the latest amenities for a residence, placing special emphasis on healthcare and education.

The administration is aware about the fitness requirements and demands of modern times, and therefore, you will find many fitness centres to take care of your physical and mental health. However, choosing the best one for you can be a bit tricky, as each one boasts of being the best. To make your life easier, here are the top 5 fitness centres in the Dubai Silicon Oasis:

1. Fitness 4 Life

Fitness 4 Life is one of the best gyms in the UAE, with the highest standard of equipment and trainers. The gym caters to all your fitness needs, right from shedding those extra kilos or gaining some muscle. The personalized training module with world class support staff will help you achieve the best shape your body can achieve, and maintain it in the long term. The fitness centre also provides Relaxing Reactive Neuromuscular Training, making it the only one to do so in the entire Middle East. Other unconventional physical activities include  Zumba, Body Pump, Bootcamp, Pilates and Bodystep.

Location: Industrial Area, High bay building, Dubai Silicon Oasis – Dubai

Timings: 6am – 12am, Friday Closed

Membership: monthly/quarterly/semi-annually/yearly (contact them for prices)

Contact No: +971-42660688

2. Max Gym

Max Gym is another high quality fitness centre in the DSO, with focus of specialized training. Particularly, the gym places special emphasis on four areas, viz., health and diet; strength and conditioning; flexibility and rest; and fitness and cardio. Each of these concepts is monitored by specialized trainers, who have been extensively trained in the respective genres. The gym follows an holistic approach, giving attention to more than mere numbers, which is why you’ll never find it overcrowded. Max Gym is especially a great option for women, and is arguably the best fitness centre in the region for them, with best female trainers.

Location: F26, IT Plaza, Dubai Silicon Oasis – Dubai 

Timings: 5am – 12am, Fridays 4pm – 12am

Membership: 1 month – AED250, 3 months – AED650, 6 months – AED1000, 1 year – AED1200

Contact no: +971-509548475

3. Fit Gym

Fit Gym in DSO is a no-nonsense gym, where special importance is given to natural processes. The team of talented international trainers is headed by renowned World Bodybuilding Champion Feras Tahan. The core ethos of the gym are quite simple, and result oriented, work hard, break the sweat, and get a well toned body. The gym also gives attention on improving metabolism through appropriate exercise and diet. More than relying on fancy equipment, Fit Gym emphasizes more on hard work and dedication, which has created a niche following for this fitness centre.

Location: 1st Floor, SIT Tower, Near Choithrams Supermarket, Dubai Silicon Oasis – Dubai

Timings: 6am – 12am, Fridays 3pm – 12am

Membership: 1 month – AED300, 3 months – AED750, 6 months – AED1350, 1 year – AED2500

Contact no: +971-508408602

4. Nitro Gym

While Nitro Gym is at par in terms of facilities and equipment with other fitness centres in the Dubai Silicon Oasis, the Bootcamp training it provides is unmatched in the UAE. If you’ve been or are an athlete, you will particularly love this place. The high quality personal training staff helps you push the fitness envelope beyond the limits you could imagine. The trainers put meticulous efforts in designing a nutrition plan according to your bodily requirements, and help you lead a healthy, fit, and hustling lifestyle.

Location: The Apricot, Dubai Silicon Oasis – Dubai 

Timings: 6am – 12am, Fridays 2pm – 12am

Membership: quarterly/semi-annually/yearly (contact them for prices)

Contact no: +971-43295595

5. FittHPC

FittHPC, or Fitt High Performance Centre, is one of the most unique training centres in Dubai. The fitness centre offer specialized sports training programs, focusing on function more than mere aesthetics. You can choose your training program from dedicated options like functional training, boxing training, basketball training, etc. FittHPC also provides tailor-made training regimes based on your fitness goals, age, and health. The expert coaches for each program ensure that you not only have rigorous physical training, but also work on the biomechanical and psychological aspects of training.

Location: Suite 203, Palace Tower, Dubai Silicon Oasis – Dubai 

Timings: 8am – 9am

Membership: Session based (contact them for prices)

Contact no: +971-43339222