Tips to Efficiently Work from Home in Dubai


Remote jobs are increasing in popularity in the world as it helps professionals to work from the comforts of their couch. It is a satisfying job experience that many are yet to experience. Apart from this, there are also many businesses that offer their employees ‘work from home’ option so that they can complete their daily tasks and projects without needing to go to the office. However, now businesses and organisations, including governmental, in the UAE have been forced to ask its employees to work from home in the wake of the global Coronavirus outbreak.

Even though working from home may seem like an interesting option, it is not always so. Working remotely has its challenges which you cannot find in an office setting. Nothing except the setting changes and your goals and targets will be the same which demands the need for maximum productivity.

If you are a professional working from home in Dubai and searching for some expert tips that help increase your work productivity, you are in the right place. Here are our tips on how to work efficiently from your home in Dubai.

1. Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is important when it comes to giving your all. For increased productivity, while working from home in Dubai, you must make sure that you watch your health as much as you need to. Even though an office may not be a fitness centre, there are things like a vending machine and water cooler discussions, washroom small talks, meetings, lunch breaks and other activities that give you a chance to stretch your legs. When it comes to your home, you may ask someone else to get the water for you or you could be able to reach the fridge from your couch or bed. Also, if you are a workaholic or working urgently on a project, you may forget to eat or drink as and when necessary. Therefore, the most important thing to note is that you get enough food, hydrate yourself and take your own short breaks while working from home.

2. Take Breaks

A follow up to the previous point, taking breaks is necessary while working from home. Though people think that taking breaks shows lack of work dedication, it is not so. Therefore, you should not fall into the wrong idea of working without any breaks while working remotely. It is important to note that working continuously for an hour or so, focused on your task, will have its toll on your brain. So, taking a break in between work is important for your mental and physical health. You can take a break ranging between 5 to 15 minutes, but not more. You can use the break to catch up with your friends over social media accounts or make a personal call or two. You can also stretch your muscles and allow your mind to be refreshed. Breaks help you to work efficiently without burning out the resources in your brain.

3. Keep a Schedule

Working from home means working without any direct supervision and it may cause some people to slack off. This is one of the biggest challenges professionals working from the home face. It is therefore important that you prepare a schedule and maintain it. It not only just helps you to plan out your work hours but also helps you to be motivated. It will help you greatly if you plan out your day just like you would while going to the office. Wake up early, freshen up, have a healthy breakfast, get dressed and then sit down to check your emails, updates and plan your day. As breaks are important, make sure that you include some break time in your schedule too as there could also be lots of interruptions.

4. Create your Workspace

Each employee will have a dedicated workspace in their office and likewise, you should have your own workspace at home. Having a dedicated workspace in your room or home will help in increasing your productivity and helping you complete your tasks with ease. Working at your workspace will also help others understand that you are not to be disturbed and are busy at the moment. To avoid interruptions, it is always important to inform your friends and family about your schedule and work at hand. When they understand that you are not to be bothered much, you will be able to work easily.

5. Stay in Touch

Communication is an important factor in increasing the productivity of work. Even if you are working from home, stay in touch with your colleagues and supervisors so that each step of the task is planned out. There are many platforms available online that help you communicate with your colleagues and for work-related purposes, make sure that you use the platform others are using. If you use different platforms, the possibility is high for things to get muddled up and confusing. It is also important to let your colleagues and bosses know when you are taking a break. If not, there is a higher possibility for important messages to go unnoticed which can hurt the workflow. You must also make sure that you have provided your team members with a contact number or any other way to reach you in case of any emergencies.

These are our tips that help you work efficiently and productively from your home in Dubai. With coronavirus scare increasing by the day, make sure that you stay safe and indoors and follow good personal hygiene. If you have to go out for some reason, ensure that you keep the recommended distance with others. Following the rules willingly and without hesitation is what will keep you safe from the attack of the novel virus.