Smiles UAE App – All you want to Know


Better customer engagement is the recipe behind the success of any business. It is the reason why businesses, both large and small, are always on the search for better ways to serve the customers. 

Telecom is one of the most important industries in the world and in each country we can find quite a few service providers, with UAE no different. People are particularly fond of the companies that provide them with the best offers on voice calls, internet data and others. Well, though these may be the basic offers provided by telecom companies, Etisalat has gone a step further with the Smiles UAE App.

As the name implies, the Smiles app is designed to bring a smile on the faces of its users. This app allows the users to redeem coupons and get discounts on watching cinemas, dining at their favourite restaurant or even spending a day at the theme park. If you wish to know more about the app and how you can use it, you have come to the right place.

What is Smiles app?

The Smiles app by Etisalat is an app designed to help each of its users to “level up” their lifestyle, all without “breaking the bank”. The app provides you with points on certain actions which you can redeem to avail exciting discounts and other offers at various attractions in the UAE. The offers range from discounts on theme park tickets and rides to dinner offers you can find nowhere else. There are new offers each day, all personalised according to the location, interests and history of the user.

How to Use?

To offer you variety, you can find new deals every day on the Smiles app. The following are some of the offers provided by the app:

  • Dining – “Buy 1 get 1 free” deals at more than 3,000 restaurant
  • Entertainment – Discounts in the UAE theme parks, 50% discount on cinema tickets and more on redeeming Etisalat smile points 
  • Travel – Redeem points for discounts on flights and tours
  • Supermarkets – You can redeem points on certain products at supermarkets
  • Fashion and lifestyle – You can earn and redeem Smiles points at over 2,000 fashion and lifestyle outlets in the country

Apart from these, the other areas where you can redeem points for discounts and offers by the Smiles app are cinemas, wellness, groceries and more. You can also make use of the option to pay the Etisalat bills with smiles.

Earning Smiles Points

You need points if you wish to redeem them. You can earn points in the Etisalat Smiles app by performing the appropriate actions. They include:

  • Shopping with partnered businesses
  • Etisalat spends
  • Using the Smiles app
  • Using co-branded cards

The Process

The process of using the Smile app starts with downloading it from the respective app stores of your OS platform. It is available for download both on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. iOS users can download the app here and if you own an Android smartphone, you can visit this link to download and install the app.

Once you have installed the app on your phone, perform the following process:

  • Sign up for the app by typing in your phone number
  • You can explore the various discounts and offers available across the many partner theme parks to restaurants. You can also avail offers from the various attractions in the UAE through the app
  • Collect Smiles points by performing the appropriate actions and redeem the points at the lifestyle partners or with Etisalat
  • Spend the points to redeem services from Etisalat. You can also redeem the points for some exciting deals of fashion and lifestyle


Bonuses in the form of gifts, points and rewards make using an app even more exciting and Etisalat Smiles App is no different. The app also offers certain bonuses for its users that are awarded upon the completion of certain tasks. The bonuses include:

  • Bonus smile points on each referred friend
  • Points earned by sharing experience on social media
  • Gift vouchers for friends and family
  • Redeem gift vouchers from Etisalat partners

Where to download the app?

The Smiles app, as mentioned earlier is compatible both on iOS and Android. You can visit the respective app stores of the platforms to download the app. The app is also free to use. The app also provides first time users with a special reward on successful completion of their first transaction.

Smiles UAE app, though developed by Etisalat and initially offered exclusively to Etisalat users, is not available for any smartphone user in the UAE. However, not all benefits and rewards can be enjoyed by users of other mobile networks. Etisalat users can exclusively enjoy special perks like voice and data deals and also free points on every bill payment and recharge. The points earned through this method can also be redeemed for special rewards and deals.

This is all there is to know about the Smiles UAE app by Etisalat.