Sharjah Discovery Centre –  the Best Things to do


Sharjah is the third-largest emirate in the UAE and it can also boast of a great cultural heritage. The city provides all the facilities one need and there are a whole lot of entertainment options too. One among them is the Sharjah Discovery Centre.

The Sharjah Discovery Centre was inaugurated on March 18, 1999, and it is a place designed for children aged between 3 to 12. The Discovery Centre has learning activities based on technology and science. The teaching approach adopted by the Sharah Discovery Centre is to help the kids learn by engaging and interacting. The centre introduces your little ones to the world of science and technology in a fun-filled and interactive way.

The Sharjah Discovery Centre offers a safe and child-centred environment for kids to play and learn at the same time. There are many numbers of play areas in the Sharjah Discovery Centre and each follows a different theme. Let us look at the various play areas in the Discovery Centre:

1. The Drive Town

It is very much important that traffic rules be obeyed. Teaching kids all about the traffic rules at a very young age will help them to understand the importance of obeying the rules. Drive Town helps raise awareness in kids regarding road safety rules. To make the experience of kids as real as possible, the Drive Town has electric cars and the tracks resemble the roads and streets of Sharjah. There are traffic lights and kids learn all about the lights and their significance.

2. Sharjah Kid’s International Airport

The Sharjah Kid’s International Airport is where the kids learn all about travelling in an aircraft. The kids get to travel all around the globe in this imaginary journey. Before boarding the plane to undertake the fascinating journey, the kids have to place their luggage and bags under the X-Ray device, as in real life. The kids get to experience some of the iconic landmarks that represent each country. Some include Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Big Ben and so on.

3. Build Town

Kids are always enthusiastic about building and construction, which is why as parents, we buy them building bricks. The Build Town in the Sharjah Discovery Centre helps the kids to explore and understand the world of construction. This is one play area where the imagination of the kids are nurtured as they get to build models using construction blocks. There are cranes, concrete mixers, pulleys and other things associated with construction here.

4. Petroleum Refinery

The Petroleum Refinery in the Sharjah Discovery Centre teaches the kids all about the processes involved in extracting fuel from the various natural sources in land and sea. There are many types of equipment in the refinery that kids can use to extract fuel and minerals.

5. TV Studio

At the TV Studio, your kids can experience the processes involved in video making. They can also shoot their own video using the camera and the types of equipment for light and sound. The studio also helps the kids to broadcast live their own news programmes or a weather report on a TV right outside the studio.

6. Climbing Walls

Rock climbing is one of the most popular leisure-time activities in the present days. The Climbing Walls play area in the Sharjah Discovery Centre helps the kids to learn the basics of rock climbing under expert supervision and guidance and experience it in a fun-filled and safe environment. There are rubber grips and steps on the walls which help the kids to perfect the basic steps.

7. Water World

The wide oceans and the blue seas fascinate everyone, including children. The more we learn about the seas and the life in it, we understand that there are a lot more left for us to study. The Water World in the Sharjah Discovery Centre offers the kids a wide variety of activities to explore the life underwater. One section of the Water World is set apart for jellyfishes. The kids get to learn how they swim and move through water, through different activities. In the fountain area, the kids can design their own fountain.

These are some of the play areas in the Sharjah Discovery Centre, but it is also not limited to these alone. Other attractions include Body World, Sound Zone, Sports Zone, the Supermarket and the Storyteller Area.

1. Location

Sharjah Discovery Centre, Near Sharjah Airport Road, Interchange 4 and 5, Opposite Sharjah Classic Cars Museum, Sharjah. The visitors who come from Dubai can reach Sharjah Discovery Centre via E11 and E88 routes, within 30 minutes.

2. Timing

08:00 AM to 08:00 PM (Saturday to Thursday). 04:00 PM to 08:00 PM (Friday). On public holidays, it is better to contact the Sharjah Discovery Centre and get a clarification of the timing.

3. Ticket Pricing

The prices of the tickets to enter the Sharjah Discovery Centre vary. They are as follows:

  • Children (under 2 years): Free
  • Children (2-12years): AED 5
  • Adults (13+): AED 10
  • Senior (60+): Free
  • People with Disabilities: Free

These are all there is to know about the Sharjah Discovery Centre. So, make sure that you pay a visit to this place and help your kids learn and grow.