Seven tips to save your money when visiting Dubai


Dubai is the land of luxury and is definitely not a budget friendly destination. There is so much to do in Dubai from beaches, hotels, skyscrapers, shopping, entertainment and much more. With all these fun there comes expenditure at every step. There is an utmost need that you imply some practical tips to save money wherever possible.

1. Accommodation

Dubai Accommodation

Dubai is well known all over the world for its fancy hotels and price tags that come with it. You need to get a clear idea of which hotels are cheaper that fit in your budget. There are many hotels which are simpler and can help you save money. The hotel rates in Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina are comparatively expensive to hotels in Al Barsha. There are also apartments of varying bedroom sizes available on rent in Dubai which can fit in your budget.

There is also a better way to get your accommodation right is by using Airbnb. This is a great platform where you can choose your perfect location and all facilities for your staycation.

2. Know your Visa type

Dubai Visa

When you are applying for visa to travel to UAE you should know your visa type. The visa type depends on the duration of your stay which are:

  • Duration of stay – 48 hours, 96 hours

This means that your visa is valid for 48 hours or 96 hours respectively for single entry, including the date of entry and exit. This is optimal who plan to stay for a span of less than 2 or 4 days.

  • Duration of stay – 14 days, 30 days, 90 days

This visa type depends on how many days you wish to stay in Dubai. The 14 days visa is non-extendable.

  • Multi entry short term visa – 30 days

You can get multiple entries and the entry validity is for 58 days from the date of issue. The extension process and fees is same as that for 30 or 90 days.

  • Multi entry long term visa – 90 days

This visa type is valid for 90 days and is optimal for those who want to stay for a longer time in UAE and travel multiple times.

 The 30 and 90 days visa are extendable twice for 30 days each and each extension costs AED 850.

 3. Choose the Metro

Dubai MetroTransportation

Opting for public transport in Dubai will help you save some pennies. You can choose from bus, taxi or the Dubai Metro for getting around Dubai. Taxis are easily available in Dubai but they have a higher fare. Dubai Metro is the affordable, fast and safe solution to save your travel cost. You can get metro straight from the airport and it covers a huge part of the city. To help you save more money, you can choose your accommodation near to metro station.

4. Groupon

Groupon Deals

Groupon is very popular website when it comes to Dubai deals than any other part of the world. It is one of the ideal way of saving your money when visiting Dubai. You can find number of offers and discounts on top attractions, hotels, entertainment activities and much more. You can make all your research before you visiting Dubai on the official website and make your booking in advance.

There are many apps in Dubai which offer coupon codes that you can avail at retail outlets, hotels and at many other places.

 5. Choose the right cards

Dubai Master Cards

Mostly in Dubai all will accept debit and credit cards from Visa or Mastercards. You need to find a credit card that offers you more points or rewards for spending the value. Your hotel booking can get more reasonable if you have got credit card points. Some hotels in Dubai ask for credit card as deposit, so it would be helpful keeping one while travelling. Some credit cards also offer you travel insurance and rewards. Debit card is also a good choice as you can have access to cash whenever you cross an ATM without risking a lot of handy cash at once.

 6. Build a Budget and Build it Right

Building a budget prior travelling is very important as it saves your money in lot of aspects. The very important aspect when it comes to building a budget is planning when to visit Dubai. The period between October to March is much cooler and has a lot of events in Dubai during that part of the year. But there will be an increase in the price of flights and hotels. If you are ready to visit Dubai in summers you can save some money.

Exchanging your currency is very important to keep some handy cash to purchase SIM card or for transportation as soon as you arrive at the airport. Buying a SIM card will help you reduce your roaming charges.

Alcohol is very price in Dubai no matter from where you buy it. Avoiding alcohol can help you save a lot of money or you can carry your own as you are allowed to carry 4 litres of alcohol per person.

 7. Search for Free

Dubai Marina

Dubai water canal and Bluewaters islands are popular places to visit for free in Dubai. There are even museums and nightclubs where you get free entry. Public beaches are free or cheaper instead of private beaches of resorts. There are also concerts and events which has free entry in Dubai.