Why Rent an Apartment in Sheik Zayed Road?

Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheik Zayed Road is the oldest and the longest road in UAE. This is the main artery of the city and runs across the city until the border of Abu Dhabi. The Sheik Zayed Road is one of the busiest roads in UAE and a glimpse of the highway is all that you need to say ‘wow’.

Sheik Zayed Road is famous as a place of business as well as a residential locality. Businesses are now much enthused in adding Sheik Zayed Road to their list of landmarks as they believe it to bring more value to them. Being a locality easily accessible by all means and modes of transport attracts those people who are non-residents of UAE but work in Dubai.

Sheik Zayed Road is the bridge that connects the old and new Dubai. This is what has helped the locality to be a prime location, both for business and residential purposes. The locality is abundant with skyscrapers and some of the tallest residential towers in the world. This helps people to experience a luxurious lifestyle while enjoying a breathtaking and perfect view of the city.

So, what are the interesting features that make renting an apartment in Sheik Zayed Road truly special for expats and others alike? Let us take a look:

1. Easy Connectivity


If you are a wanderlust and wish to get out of your room and visit a beach or experience a desert safari, or even visit the neighbouring cities, Sheik Zayed Road is the perfect place. Sheik Zayed Road is the main highway of UAE and it connects Dubai with Abu Dhabi. The wide and long road connects many beaches, deserts, cities and everything else you need. The highway runs parallel to the sea which helps you reach the beach easily. You would be able to reach Abu Dhabi, Ajman and other popular cities within an hour, which would feel much less for you, thanks to the easy and smooth drive. 

2. Short-Term Rentals

Short Term Rentals Dubai

One of the biggest issues that expats face is the 1-year rental contract they have to sign for renting an apartment anywhere. This is where the luxurious and feature-laden hotel apartments in Sheik Zayed Road stand apart. These hotel apartments offer people with a luxurious stay without the hassle of a one year contract. One of the best providers of this service is the Sheraton Grand. This hotel apartment provides guests with suite type rooms which are all about luxury. People can rent these on a short term basis and can enjoy most of the facilities the hotel provides. All these come at discounted prices which provides the guests great value for money.

3. Lifestyle

Shopping Mall Dubai

The lifestyle of Sheik Zayed Road is inexpressible with words. Such is the vibrant life the locality experiences from dawn to dusk. The area is much popular as a tourist destination. This has led to many restaurants open its outlets in the area and provide the people with a plethora of tastes. The luxurious restaurants are also the best when it comes to hosting events, gatherings and party dinners. The restaurants also offer different cuisines you can explore and treat yourself with. The many numbers of restaurants also offer you with many choices to choose from. One can find Arabic, Italian, Indian, Russian and many other types of cuisine that one can try out. Sheik Zayed Road is, without any doubt, the best locality to experience the new vibrant lifestyle of Dubai.

4. Metro Connectivity

Dubai Metro

The Metro has without a doubt been a great blessing for Dubai. It helps in easing the ground traffic and reducing the time required for a person to commute. Travel has been made faster and cheaper, thanks to metro rail. Sheik Zayed Road is the main hub for businesses and outlets. Access to this locality has been made easier with metro connectivity from various other popular locales. Despite many other modes of transport being available in the city, the metro connectivity has by far proved to be the most effective in terms of time and money.

5. Taxis

Dubai Transportation

It may happen that you are visiting Dubai on a business purpose or for a short stay. With so many short term rental apartments up for grabs in Sheik Zayed Road, accommodation won’t matter at all. Then comes transportation. You cannot bring your own car and it is not worth to rent one too. You can access the metro but nothing gives you a better view of the city than travelling on the road. This is where taxis come into play. You can choose from Dubai Taxis, Careem, Uber services that provide their services around the clock. You may also get one instantly, thereby saving you much time. The smooth traffic would also help you enjoy your ride. 

These are some of the benefits of renting an apartment in Sheik Zayed Road. As it stands out, Sheik Zayed Road helps you experience hassle-free stay and a quality lifestyle. The breathtaking view of the skyscrapers and other architectural marvels would transport you to a different world altogether. So, why don’t you rent an apartment in Sheik Zayed Road and experience Dubai in its truest sense?