The Merits and Demerits of Living in Al Satwa

Satwa Dubai

Al Satwa, also known popularly as Satwa, is one of the most popular residential neighbourhoods in Dubai. It is also one of the oldest suburban neighbourhoods in the Emirate. Al Satwa is a compact area and is situated right in the heart of the city. The neighbouring areas include Bur Dubai, Downtown Dubai, Al Wasl and Jumeirah.

Al Satwa is a neighbourhood preferred much by the expat community as well as the local residents. The busy streets of the neighbourhood are lined with cafes and shops which cater to your various needs. The history and heritage of the UAE are featured in the 16 mural paintings adorning the streets of Al Satwa. Painted in 2016, these murals have become an integral part of Al Satwa neighbourhood.

Living in Al Satwa comes with its own advantages. Let us check them out:

The Advantages

1. Plenty of Amenities

The more amenities, the more easy and enjoyable life in a city would be. Al Satwa is an integrated community boasting of a whole load of amenities. The neighbourhood also has a diverse community living there, including Arabs, Indians, Pakistanis, Philipinos among many others. Even though the people are from different nations, there is harmony between them that you cannot find anywhere else. There are plenty of mosques, churches and temples around Al Satwa. For healthcare, there are many clinics you can go to. When it comes to shopping and grocery shopping, there are many supermarkets including the Al Madina supermarket. There are also many community parks in Al Satwa that you can frequent with your family for a good time. These parks include running tracks, sports courts and grassed patches which are perfect for a picnic.

2. Affordable Rents

The Al Satwa neighbourhood has a whole lot of apartments for rent. The low-rise buildings contain studio apartments, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments. Studio apartments would cost AED 37000 per year as rent. 1-bedroom apartments would cost AED 52000. 2 and 3-bedroom apartments would cost a yearly rent of AED 72000 and AED 80000 respectively.

3.Access to Public Transportation

If you do not have a car in Al Satwa, then there is no need to worry. Al Satwa is connected by all types of public transportation options. You can easily get a bus from Al Satwa bus station and there are also plenty of taxis you can hail for a ride. There are also metro stations near Al Satwa and the popular ones are in the Dubai World Trade Center and Al Jafaliya. Al Satwa is just 10 minutes away from Jumeirah, which is home to many restaurants and wonderful beaches.

4. Options for Dining and Shopping

Come a weekend and we would be spending our time shopping and dining out with our family. Al Satwa boasts of many affordable places to grab a quick bite. Al Mallah is one famous spot in Al Satwa to enjoy delicious and juicy shawarma. The fast-food cafes and tea cafes are popular hangout spots by the residents of Al Satwa. To pamper the shopaholic in you, you can find plenty of retail shops providing all that you need. Textiles, jewellery and even car accessories can be bought from Al Satwa at affordable prices.

These are the advantages of living in Al Satwa. Now, it is time to examine the other side of the coin. The disadvantages of living in Al Satwa are:

The Disadvantages

1. Busy Streets

Al Satwa is one of the oldest suburban areas and highly popular with the people. The streets are lined with shops and cafes and people throng to these places, thereby creating heavy foot traffic and too much noise in the neighbourhood. The busy restaurants and shopping complexes add to the buzzing lifestyle of Al Satwa. Those looking for a quiet and calm neighbourhood to stay would not find Al Satwa much pleasing or comfortable to stay in.

2. Limited Parking

Parking is one of the major problems Dubai faces and Al Satwa is no exception. The growing popularity of the neighbourhood means that there are many people coming to stay in Al Satwa. The roads would be congested by the increased vehicle traffic and it would also limit the parking options in the neighbourhood. One would not be able to find a free open parking spot but only paid parking options. Parking will be difficult for those who come visiting their friends and family in Al Satwa.

3. Bachelor Centric Community

Being a popular residential neighbourhood in Dubai, Al Satwa is home to a large expat population. The major share of this population are bachelors who find affordable studio apartments particularly comfortable to stay. A large number of bachelors would often deter the families from renting apartments in Al Satwa.

These are some of the disadvantages of living in Al Satwa.

Al Satwa is indeed a good place to make your home. There are plenty of options to stay and a variety of apartments ranging from studios to 3 BHK apartments. Connected by plenty of public transport options like bus and metro rail and with affordable shopping and dining options, Al Satwa ensures that you can lead a comfortable life.