All About the Mawaqif Service in Abu Dhabi

Mawaqif Service

One of the things that the people new to a city would be confused about will be the parking rules. Having no clear idea about the parking rules will lead to traffic congestions and other problems.

The same can be said about Abu Dhabi. In a major change, the public parking zones in Abu Dhabi have been made paid zones by the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport (DoT). There are exceptions on Fridays and national holidays. Thanks to these rules and paid zones, traffic conditions have become much easier to control. However, people are concerned about how these regulations and system will work in different areas. If you are such a person, here is a complete guide to m-Mawaqif service:

1. What is the Mawaqif Registration?

The Abu Dhabi Department of Transport has implemented a public parking system, Mawaqif. There are parking metres installed at public parking zones which set time limits, thereby ensuring smooth flow of traffic. It also prevents wrong parking practices.

2. There are Rechargeable Cards

In order to make payments for parking at public zones, Mawaqif Rechargeable Cards are required. You should create a Mawaqif account which will be linked to your registered Du or Etisalat number. Upon successful registration, you can use the card and the parking fee will be auto deducted from your account.

The Mawaqif account is necessary for parking payments in Abu Dhabi. You will also have to top up the account with funds necessary to pay your various parking fees. You can recharge your account via credit card transactions or through kiosks.

3. What is M-Mawaqif Service?

The Mawaqif account which you have created will help you use M-Mawaqif service. It is a value a value-added service which you can make use of for hassle-free payments of parking fees. M-Mawaqif allows you to pay the fees through your registered Du or Etisalat number. In order to do so, you have to follow the following process:

  • Send an SMS in a predefined format to 3009
  • You will receive a parking permit along with parking details via a text message
  • The details will be validated by the parking attendants via their handheld devices

4. The Terms of Use

The parking rules regarding M-Mawaqif and Mawaqif accounts are:

  • Owners of private plate vehicles must register for a Mawaqif account
  • For using M-Mawaqif online services, Mawaqif registration is necessary
  • Registered UAE Du or Etisalat mobile numbers is necessary for using M-Mawaqif and Mawaqif services
  • All motorists must register for M-Mawaqif
  • Residents who own private plate vehicles can use M-Mawaqif service without vehicle registration
  • Charges for M-Mawaqif depend on tariffs and standard SMS charges apply for sending text messages to 3009

5. Residential Parking Permits

Residential parking permits can be applied for by tenants and residential property owners. Residential parking permits help them to avoid paying hourly rates when parking near their residence. It can be obtained from any Mawaqif service centre. To complete the process, you can visit a DoT customer service centre. You would need to:

  • Fill the application with the required documentation
  • Make the required payment
  • Receive the parking permit from the Department of Transport

Each residential parking permit will only serve one vehicle and can only be used within the designated area. The areas set apart for residents can be easily identified with the Mawaqif sign reading “Resident Permit Only”. Resident Parking Permit is enforced from 09:00 PM to 08:00 AM. The Residential Permit is allowed for property owners, tenants and close relatives.

The fee structure of the Residential Permit for UAE nationals is as below:

  • UAE nationals in apartments – Free for 4 vehicles
  • UAE nationals in villas – Free

The fee structure of the Residential Permit for non-UAE nationals is as below:

  • First vehicle: AED 800
  • Second vehicle: AED 1,200

There are many new residential properties in Abu Dhabi which has dedicated parking lots, mostly underground. Residents of those properties can park their vehicle for free.

6. Public Parking Charges

If you are going to park outside your residential area then you will have to pay public parking fees. It is good if you know beforehand the various charges so that you can go out prepared. The timings of Mawaqif public parking in Abu Dhabi is from 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The days are from Saturday to Thursday, and as mentioned earlier, you get free parking on Fridays.

The fees for public parking are:

  • Standard Parking Spaces (black and turquoise curbs): AED 2 per hour. 24-hour parking can be availed for AED 15
  • Premium Parking Spaces (white and turquoise curbs): AED 3 per hour

These are the charges you need to pay for public parking in Abu Dhabi. You can also make use of the long term parking facilities they provide.

7. Parking Fines

Cars parked illegally will get a 10-minute grace period. If you are caught violating any of these rules, the fines could be as follows:

  • Parking in prohibited areas: AED 200
  • Abuse of parking space: AED 200
  • Parking vehicles on pavements: AED 200

To know more about Mawaqif registration, renewal, cancellations and payments, you can visit the Department of Transport website or call the customer service centre at 800-88-888