All that you need to know about living in Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai, a historic district in the emirate of Dubai, is a popular residential hub in the emirate. Bur Dubai is also one of the oldest neighbourhoods and is much close to most of the other residential neighbourhoods in Dubai. Bur Dubai lies between the new and the old sides of Dubai, therefore making it an ideal place for experiencing the vibrancy of the city as well as its old traditions. Bur Dubai too reflects the two sides of the emirate and you can find vintage buildings, modern high rises and many more.

Bur Dubai is the most favoured residential destination with those from the Indian subcontinent and other Asian countries. Bur Dubai is home to a lot of amenities that help make life much easier, comfortable and enjoyable. Living in Bur Dubai helps you experience Dubai in its true nature, and it has some disadvantages too. So, now let us take a look at the various advantages and disadvantages of living in Bur Dubai:

The Advantages :

1. The Location

Bur Dubai

Strategically located between the new and old parts of Dubai makes Bur Dubai an ideal place to stay. This helps people to easily access the neighbourhood from any part of the city. This also ensures that commuting is made easy and convenient for all, at all times.

2. An Easy Public Transport Access

Public Transport Bur Dubai

Everyone living in Bur Dubai may not own their own car and people like these depend on public transport for commuting. Bur Dubai is much near to the famous metro and bus stations in the city. You can also easily find taxis in the neighbourhood which makes travelling easy even if you don’t own a vehicle.

3. Suits Expat Families

UAE is home to many people who hail from foreign soil, mostly Indians and other Asian countries. One of the most favoured cities by these people is Dubai and residential neighbourhoods is Bur Dubai. Bur Dubai has all that caters to the needs of these expats who are culturally very different. Supermarkets in Bur Dubai caters to the needs of specific communities. Bur Dubai is also home to a great number of schools that follow Indian, British, French and Pakistani curriculums.

4. Helps one follow his Religious Beliefs

UAE welcomes people from all religious and cultural backgrounds and this feature is what makes the country unique. Bur Dubai has all the provisions that caters to the diverse religious beliefs of its residents. Islamic residents can visit the Zabeel Masjid and the Masjid Al Walden, two of the most popular and bigger mosques in UAE, to meet their spiritual needs. You can also find Shiva and Krishna temples in Bur Dubai, which are two of the very first temples in UAE. Bur Dubai also houses the only Hindu religious centre, the Bur Dubai temple, which brings visitors from the neighbouring cities to the neighbourhood. When it comes to churches, Bur Dubai houses the St. Mary’s Church in Oud Metha, which is one of the oldest churches in the country.

5. Plethora of Recreational Facilities

Bur Dubai Museum

One of the signs that point towards Bur Dubai being a family friendly destination is the abundance of recreational facilities. In Bur Dubai, families and kids can engage in a wide range of amusements and activities. The internationally famed Dubai Frame, from which you can see the new and old Dubai, finds its home in Bur Dubai. A great many number of museums help you in getting more insights into the culture and tradition of the city and country. 

6. Amenities that Cater to Family

Staying with one’s family would be much difficult if the neighbourhood doesn’t provide any amenities. But Bur Dubai is not such a neighbourhood. Bur Dubai boasts of all facilities and amenities that make living easier and better for all. You can find many schools in the locality that provides excellent and outstanding education to your kids. To take care of your and your family’s health, you can find many multi-speciality hospitals in Bur Dubai. A great many number of parks and gardens help you and your family spend some quality time together.

7. Shopping Destinations at its Best

Shopping Mall Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai boasts of some awesome shopping malls and open markets from where you can shop for your many needs. Two of the most popular malls in Bur Dubai are the Wafi Mall and the Burjuman Centre. Bur Dubai is also home to many smaller shops from where you can purchase for your needs on an affordable price.

8. Myriad Restaurant Options

If you wish to test the extents of the taste capturing abilities of your taste buds, Bur Dubai is the perfect place for you. You can find a fine collection of Chinese, Indian, American, Italian and many other restaurants. You can also find many restaurants on the streets that help you taste and relish many flavours. One can also find many nightclubs to enjoy and cherish nightlife. 

The Disadvantages :

1. Traffic

The more a neighbourhood is popular, the more the number of people coming to make it their home. This increases the number of vehicles on road, which in turn leads to traffic congestions. With older parts of Bur Dubai having narrow streets, navigating through it would be a much difficult task. During peak hours the roads get busier which makes reaching your destination much slower than anticipated.

2. Parking

Bur Dubai Parking

Parking is one of the biggest issues the residents in Bur Dubai face. Parking spaces are not much available in the neighbourhood and the older buildings do not have parking spaces under them. Also, during peak hours one cannot find spots to park their cars with Bur Dubai being a much-populated area. As newer apartments come with parking spaces, people now opt to live in it. 

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of living in Bur Dubai. Without any doubt, this is truly a resident’s dream neighbourhood and has everything that caters to his needs. With the advantages over weighing the disadvantages, why not rent an apartment in Bur Dubai and try out its vibrant lifestyle?