Why is IMG Worlds of Adventure the best destination for kids in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Especially, when it comes to adventure tourism, Dubai is second to none. It has plenty of option for the big boys to push their limits and feel the adrenaline rush.

However though Dubai takes cares of the adventure appetite of adults, it has very few options for kids. One such destination for kids adventure is the IMG Worlds of Adventure, located at Sheikh Bin Zayed Road. It houses world-class adventure activities for kids, giving them the experience to remember for life. Each and every activity at IMG Worlds of Adventure is monitored by best-in-industry experts and sophisticated safety net. This makes you relax while your kids have the time of their lives. Here are five things which makes IMB World Adventure the best destination for kids adventure:

1. World’s Largest Theme Park

IMG World’s of Adventure spread across a jaw-dropping 1.5 million square feet, which is enough to house 28 football fields. This makes it the largest indoor theme park in the world. Due to its size, it has managed to house several state-of-the-art activities which will never let kids get bored.

2. The Marvel City.

This part of the IMG park is based on the iconic Marvel Studios theme, with all your favourite superheroes like the Avengers, Captain America, Spiderman, and the Hulk present to entertain you. The Marvel Zone harbours several unique rides offering the thrill and fun like nowhere else. Some of these rides are:

Avengers battle of Ultron

This is a 3D ride where the mighty Thor, Iron man, Captain America, the Hulk, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, fight the evil villain Ultron.

Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge

Swing along with the great Spiderman and watch him stop Doctor Octopus from stealing the cities energy supply. This will be one hell of a ride which you would never want to end. Other things to do at the Marvel Zone- Hulk Epsilon base 3D, Thor Thunder Spin, Avengers Flight of the Quinjets, Tony’s Skydeck Restaurant, etc.

3. The Lost Valley

The Lost Valley based on the theme of the lost world of dinosaurs, who are roaring to life. The moment you enter this adventure zone, you will have the biggest goosebumps of your life. The Lost Valley has several rides and attractions which make it the nightmare you have been craving for. A few of these are:

The Velociraptor

This the scariest rollercoaster ride which will take you through the dark jungles of the lost valley and into the majestic deserts of Dubai. Surely not for the fainthearted!

Forbidden Territory

This is your best chance to go back in the prehistoric past and witness the behemoth monsters like dinosaurs roam freely on God’s green earth. Hold your breath, and stay alert you are in the danger zone. Other attractions at the Lost Valley include Predator, Dino Carousal, Adventure Fortress, Carnivore Hut, 360 Express.

4. Cartoon Network

Kids are undisputed the biggest fan for the cartoon, and the Cartoon Network Zone at IMG is bound to bring a broad smile on their faces. The zone offers several iconic cartoons based rides and other adventures like:

The Powderpuff Girls & Mojo JoJo’s Robot Rampage

The Powderpuff Girls are the saviours of Townsville, with once again is in danger. Witness Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup fight Mojo Jojo and his evil Robot creation, and be a part of the iconic animated series.

Benton 5D Hero Time

Experience his great 3D ride and help Benton to fight the supervillain Khyber the Huntsman, kids will have an immersive experience and give them a joy they would cherish for a very long time. Other amazing things at the Cartoon Network Zone include The Ride of 000 with Finn and Jake, The Amazing Ride of Gumball, Lazy Town Pirates Adventure, Mr Smoothy Restaurant. There are lots of authentic merchandise and apparels on sale too, and also a life-size Ben 10 Universe, which will be a dream come true for the kids.

5. The IMG Boulevard

As soon as you enter the theme park you are welcomed by the IMG Boulevard. This zone offers an amazing mix of leisure and thrilling activities. This zone is the home to some of the most exotic interactive interactions, unique retail outlets, and a few things which will definitely raise your hair. Some of these are:

The Haunted Hotel

This is probably the best part for those who love sensations running down their spine. The hotel houses scariest of corridors and changing scenery, showcasing all the frightening characters straight out of the top horror movies. However, children only above the age of 15 are allowed to enter The Haunted Hotel.

The Popcorn Factory

This is an absolute treat for kids, who love popcorn and candies. A variety of flavours are offered to tickle your taste buds, and the colourful ambience of the Popcorn Factory is an absolute visual delight. Other attractions include the World of Candy, Adventure Photography, Haunted Hotel Store, and the IMG emporium.