Petrol Prices in the UAE for February 2020


One of the pieces of news vehicle owners are always concerned about will be regarding the fuel prices. An increase in the prices of petrol and diesel would be what they dread the most as it will increase the cost of everyday living too.

Well, if you have been expecting the worse, be glad at the fact that there has not been a revision in the petrol prices in February 2020 while diesel prices have increased slightly. Petrol will be available in the UAE at the same rate as it was available in January 2020.

This news comes at a time when the fuel prices are constantly changing on a global scale. There is no doubt that it affects the lives of people. A rise in petrol prices just doesn’t mean paying more for the fuel but parallel to it the prices of daily essentials and other commodities would increase. There is also a huge possibility for the cost of commuting to increase for those using public transportation or any other means of transportation. It could lead to an increase in the cost of living in the UAE.

For three straight months, starting from December 2019, there has been no increase in the petrol prices. Well, like in the previous months, petrol has not been expensive in the UAE, nor is it affordable.

Prices of Fuel in February 2020

Below is the table including the latest prices for petrol and diesel in February 2020 and the comparison with prices in January 2020:

Fuel Type UAE Petrol Price per Litre in February 2020 UAE Fuel Price per Litre in January 2020
Super 98 AED 2.24 AED 2.24
Special 95 AED 2.12 AED 2.12
Diesel AED 2.40 AED 2.38
E-plus fuel AED 2.05 AED 2.05


As you can see here, the price for Super 98 in February 2020 is AED 2.24 per litre, the same price as in January 2020. Likewise, the price of Special 95 remains unchanged in February at AED 2.12 per litre. The prices of Diesel has increased slightly from AED 2.38, the price in January 2020 to AED 2.40. Diesel prices have been raised to 2 fils per litre for February 2020.

Petrol and Diesel, as per the updated per litre prices for February 2020, will be available across all the ADNOC, EPPCO, ENOC and Emarat petrol stations in the UAE. Even though there is not much change in fuel prices, make sure that you do not waste fuel unnecessarily. It is important to note that it is one of the major non-renewable sources of energy. Petroleum is fast depleting and once depleted, it may take many lifetimes for it to become usable again.

This is all there is to know about petrol and diesel prices in the UAE for February 2020. For more updates and information on the things happening in the UAE, make sure that you constantly watch our blogs and other information related articles.