Etihad Arena – Abu Dhabi’s Newest Entertainment Venue


Abu Dhabi is a city of many possibilities, across all fronts. Whether it is for entertainment or job or residence, or anything you name, you can find plenty of options and opportunities to enjoy life at its fullest. Abu Dhabi has many areas famed for its facilities and vibrancy and one among them is Yar Islands.

Yar Island can be rightly called as the entertainment hub of Abu Dhabi. One can find interesting and world-famous attractions such as the Yas Waterworld, Yas Mall and Ferrari World here. There are also many chic and stylish hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs and everything else at Yas Island. Now, another venue has come to add to the popularity of Yas  Island and it is the Etihad Arena.

Some of you probably may have heard about this brand new venue, while for some this may be news. If you are wondering what exactly is the Etihad Arena or wish to know more about the venue, you can know everything here.

The Etihad Arena

The Etihad Arena is an indoor entertainment arena built to serve multiple needs. It is the first-of-a-kind entertainment venue in Abu Dhabi, thereby making it more special. The arena is located in Yas Bay of Yas Island and was known unofficially as Yas Bay Arena. It is when Miral, Abu Dhabi’s creator of destinations, reached an agreement with Etihad Airlines, the national airline of the UAE, that it was decided that the multipurpose indoor arena will be named as Etihad Arena.

Miral, the developers who are responsible for the development and management of Yas Island, has played a big role in helping Abu Dhabi find its place in the tourist’s map. Similarly, Etihad Airlines have been connecting people from different parts of the world to Abu Dhabi and other parts of the country. As both Miral and Etihad play a great role in the development of Abu Dhabi, a partnership between the two can surely do great wonders for the emirate.

The Etihad Arena is constructed specifically to hold large events. Concerts, sporting events and competitions, cultural performances, corporate events and many other events will be a common sight at the Etihad Arena once it is open and fully operational. The indoor venue will have a seating capacity ranging from 200 to 18000, making it one of the biggest in the UAE. The Etihad Arena will be run by Flash Entertainment.

Speaking about the partnership, Tony Douglas, Group Chief Executive Officer of Etihad Aviation Group said, “It’s an honour to partner with an Abu Dhabi institution such as Miral on this joint venture, that will further promote Abu Dhabi and Yas Island as a hub for entertainment, tourism and culture. Etihad Arena complements our global presence at a number of sporting and entertainment venues, most notably Etihad Stadium in Manchester, home of Manchester City Football Club. This new arena will bring an abundance of talent to our capital, providing a diverse range of entertainment options for guests visiting our beautiful city, or for those who call the UAE home.”

Mohamed Abdalla Al Zaabi, CEO of Miral, said, “As our national airline with international reach, Etihad Airways is the ideal partner to help position the newly named Etihad Arena competitively on the local and regional map of live entertainment destinations. The new venue will be a significant addition to the unique offerings on Yas Island and in Abu Dhabi, creating unforgettable experiences, and helping us deliver on our vision to position Yas Island as a top global destination for entertainment, leisure and business. This is a testament to our commitment to grow the tourism industry and achieve our leadership’s vision of economic diversification.”

This is all there is to know about the Etihad Arena, Abu Dhabi’s newest attraction in Yas Island.