Burj Khalifa Inside-Out

10 Worldwide Records Broken!

Living here for some time might numb our bewilderment of some huge objects or facts around us as we get indulged in the mundane routine. Burj Khalifa, one of Dubai’s icons and a standout in the city’s skyline beholds mesmerizing numbers that are worth shedding the light on.

The tallest freestanding structure in the world had cost a good $1.5 million. Rising tall at a 282m this tower consists of 160 stories and a total of 900 residencies varying between studios, one, two, three and four bedroom apartments.

Armani alone has 11 floors for itself!

A two-bedroom unit in Burj Khalifa will sell for over a $1.4million, which is equal to AED 5.5 million! Quite a decent price for a summer house as for an investor to buy such a unit you will definitely have 2 or 3 other properties around the town or internationally.

This enormous project hit the record with its tallest service elevator that travels 600m/ minute. We have used it and believe us; your heartbeats will accelerate by just looking at the elevator panel and floor numbers flying by.

In case you wonder what inspired the tower’s design, with its intricate exterior and interior details and architect, here is a snippet of info. to keep in mind next time you stand underneath it and look up high or even go inside and look upward: the design is an inspiration of the Spider Lily Flower that is well known and is cutivated in this region.

This huge project is an Emaar initiative. It took 6 years to finish and the inauguration took place in 2010. As for the manpower behind this achievement, an approximate number of 12,000 workers, including contractors and workmen, were present on a daily basis on the site.

In case one day you were able to spot the tip, just keep in mind that the top 4 floors below it are reserved for communications and broadcasting.

We have heard that the temperature at the top slightly drops. A couple of degrees perhaps. Brrrrrrrr