The Best Things to Do in Ajman

Things To DO In Ajman

A small name best fits a small emirate and so it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Ajman is a name that suits the city. When we compare the land area of all the 7 emirates, Ajman comes the last and therefore it is also not frequented by the tourists and is the lesser known of all 7. But despite this fact, Ajman is home to many landmarks and recreational places which make visiting this city worthwhile. Ajman is also very close to Dubai and offers a very different experience when compared with its sister empire.

If you are visiting Dubai and wish to take the 40-minute travel to Ajman and experience the smallest emirate, then here are a few things that you can do and visit in Ajman:

1. Visit the Corniche

Ajman Corniche

One of the most popular areas in Ajman is the city’s corniche. The Ajman Corniche contains lots of restaurants and other popular shops that make visiting the area with your family an interesting option. You could experience the vibrant lifestyle the area has at night. The visitors would also get a chance to dine near the waters and enjoy the calm breeze. One can also find many hotels in the region, that allows the tourists to experience luxury stay at one of the popular places in Ajman.

2. Visit the Al Zorah Natural Reserve

One of the hardest things to do in UAE is to spend some time with nature. If you wish to be amidst the wonderful nature in UAE, then the Al Zorah Natural Reserve in Ajman is the perfect place for you. This is a popular area for bird watchers as one can find pink flamingos in plenty of numbers, along with around 60 other varieties of birds. Mangroves also grow abundantly in this reserve. This reserve is perfect for those who wish to spend time with nature and wildlife.

3. Visit the Ajman Museum

Ajman Museum

The Ajman Museum is a historical site that tells you all about the history of UAE. The museum is built on the Ajman Fort which was built in the 18th century. It, therefore, has many things to tell about the city and country to a visitor. The Ajman museum houses documents, weapons that are centuries old. One can also find an excavated cemetery in the museum.

4. Hiking

If you wish to engage in active tourism, Ajman has all the provisions for you. In Ajman you can find the Hajar Mountains which border UAE and Oman. Tourists can climb the foothills of the mountains and enjoy the scenic trail. The path is not too strenuous, and one can take as much time as they want to hike the foothills. Hiking these hills during summer season is not recommended due to the high temperatures.

5. Play Golf

Golf Club

The best sport of all, golf is increasing in popularity in UAE. If you prefer to enjoy a game of gold but don’t wish to be a part of the overcrowded golf courses in Dubai, the golf courses in Ajman is a good option. The Al Zorah Golf Club has a world-class and fantastic course where you can enjoy a game of golf.

6. Plan a Desert Safari

Ajman Desert Safari

Desert Safari is one of the most popular things to do in UAE, and Ajman is no exception. You can find a lot of Desert Safari service providers in Ajman, who you can hire to plan and organize a safari ride for you. A desert safari helps you get a full and exciting experience in the Arabian desert, be it a camel ride, a quad bike ride or anything else. 

7. Visit the Dhow Yard

The traditional boats or ‘Dhow’, as it is called, is one of the best attractions of Ajman. One can find Dhows on the north side of the Ajman creek. The Ajman Dhow Building Yard is sure to excite anyone visiting it and is one of the world’s largest Dhow building centres. As the skills of building a dhow is passed on from generation to generation, the work in the centre would be a good experience for you. You can also check out the dhows cutting across the sea.

8. Beach resorts

Ajman Beach Resort

Ajman is abundant with beach resorts and hotels that helps you experience a luxurious lifestyle. If you are fed up travelling around the city, or country, and wish for some peace, you can relax by the pool or be rejuvenated by a visit to the spa. Many resorts and hotels offer  budget-friendly options so that you can experience true luxury without needing to spend big. Some of the most popular budget-friendly hotels you can try out in Ajman are the Ramada Hotel & Suites and the Ajman Beach Hotel. If you want to experience true luxury, then some of the best options are the Fairmont Hotel or the Kempinski Hotel.

These are some of the things you can engage in while visiting Ajman, but Ajman is not limited to these alone. Despite being the smallest of all seven emirates, Ajman is loaded with perfect spots and sites that are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.