Benefits and Disadvantages of Living in Discovery Gardens

Discovery Gardens Dubai

Dubai is a city that never ceases to develop, be it residential communities or other infrastructure. Being one of the most populous cities in the UAE, it is imperative that the city provides everything that helps a person people live well and safe, and most importantly without facing any difficulties. This is one of the major reasons why we see lots of residential communities rising up in the city.

One of the residential communities that have newly come to Dubai is the Discovery Gardens. The Discovery Gardens is located between Interchanges 5 and 6 on Sheik Zayed Road. It is also one of the most popular residential communities in Dubai, thanks to the family-friendly environment and amenities that it provides. Today, let us check the benefits and disadvantages of living in Discovery Gardens:

1. Advantages

Living in Discovery Gardens provides the residents with a whole load of benefits. They are:

1. Spacious Apartments

One of the greatest benefits of living in Discovery Gardens is that the apartments available in the community are much spacious. The low-rise apartments are now preferred mostly by the investors and tenants. The apartments are well-lit and spacious and the greatest highlight is that the finishing of the apartment is world-class. Well, if quality means expensive, the apartments at Discovery Gardens will beg to differ. Cheaper pricing has helped it be preferred much not just by families but also by bachelors, students and single professionals. Studio apartments can be rented for AED 27000 and purchased fo AED 320000.

2. Family-Friendly Amenities

What attracts families to a community is the amenities that are available. Discovery Gardens boasts of the Zen Cluster which is laden with amenities such as restaurants, gym, clinic, grocery stores and salons among many other things. The Zen Cluster is within walking distance from the apartments so that the residents would never need to go far for buying everyday essentials. The other clusters of the Discovery Gardens primarily contain apartments but also has its own retail pavilion that contains supermarkets, pharmacies and many other types of infrastructure. Not just these, but this residential community is also home to many other leisure and recreation facilities like basketball and tennis courts, swimming pool, jogging paths, play area, parks and the likes. There are also reputed schools near to the community.

3. Facilities for Shopping

Come a weekend and our main activity would be going out for shopping. When it comes to Discovery Gardens, all the families staying there can shop with ease, thanks to it being nearby the IBN BATTUTA Shopping Mall. One can find everything in this mall, including supermarkets, food courts, cinemas and many other retail outlets. Another great highlight of Discovery Gardens is that it is much near to the Dubai Marina and JBR. You can reach these places within 10 minutes by car and enjoy the nightlife and entertainment these places offer.

4. Access of Public Transport

If you do not own a car in the UAE, then Discovery Gardens would be the best places to make your home. This area is well connected with public transport and you can also easily find an RTA taxi. There are also many bus stations you can make use of. The nearest metro station is the IBN BATTUTA station which can be easily accessed by bus. The Dubai Metro extension currently being under construction in Discovery Gardens will make commuting much easier for the residents, once it is completed.

5. Easy Connectivity

The Discovery Gardens apartments are located in Jebel Ali Village and one can easily access the Sheikh Zayed Road and Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. Many major road links can also be easily accessed from Discovery Gardens. It is also near to major commercial areas like Dubai Media City, JLT and Internet City. This community, therefore, is beneficial for all those who are working in these areas.

These are some of the advantages of living in Discovery Gardens.

2. Disadvantages

Not just many advantages, there are also a few disadvantages that the residents in the Discovery Gardens community have to face. They are:

1. Traffic

One of the biggest problems that the UAE is facing is the increasing traffic and the congestion the increased number of vehicles brings with it. The traffic in Discovery Gardens would be at its heights during peak hours on weekdays. This means that to get out of the community, one has to spend a significant amount of time in their vehicle. If being stuck in traffic is one of your major concerns, then it is better that you think twice before moving into Discovery Gardens.

2. Ongoing Construction

Dubai Metro has indeed changed the commuting style of the city and people can now reach their destinations fast and without much hassles. The ongoing construction of the Dubai Metro extension is yet one of the things that could hinder easily living in the community. It also has its effects on the smooth flow of traffic which could be a major concern for some individuals.

These are the few disadvantages that Discovery Gardens community has. Well, it is clear that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and if you live in this community, you can have affordable, spacious and best-in-class apartments in Dubai.