Sharjah’s Perfect Getaway Spot – Al Noor Island

Al Noor Island

Al Noor Island is not something alien to the residents and the frequent visitors of the Emirate of Sharjah. This is one of the most popular tourist spots in Sharjah that is frequented by visitors from all of U.A.E, and not to mention the world.

Al Noor Island was officially opened in 2015 and for the past few years, no other tourist spot in Sharjah has been able to topple it from its topmost position in the popularity chart. Al Noor Island has everything in it that makes it the perfect getaway spot for you, along with your family. So, what are the tourist attractions the island has in its holds for you? Let us take a look:

1. Butterfly House

butterfly house

Since its inauguration in December 2015, Al Noor Island has been able to win quite a few awards, especially for the architectural design of some of the properties in it. One of these properties is the Butterfly House. If you love butterflies so much and butterfly watching is your favourite pastime, then nothing would excite you more than a visit to the Butterfly House. This place offers you the perfect chance to watch butterflies in their natural habitat. At the Butterfly House, you can find around 20 exotic species of butterflies, fluttering around with joy and making the day of all enthusiastic butterfly watchers. Some of the species of butterflies you can find here include Tailed Jay, Emerald Swallowtail, Pink Rose, Malachite, Great Eggfly, among many others. The Butterfly House is the primary attraction of the island and this is where time never stops still but flies along with the winged beauties

2. Literature Pavilion

Are books and literature your world? Have you yet been inspired by the Muse? If so, it is time to pay a visit to the aesthetically pleasing abode of creative minds, the Literature Pavilion. All that you can find here is designed specifically to spark your creativity. The literature pavilion feels so plush and royal that spending time there would help you feel special and rich. The poems etched in ravishing Arabian calligraphy is sure to spark creativity in you and turn you into a poet. You can also delve into your favourite book as you rest against the plush and colourful cushions, and soothe your body and soul. The serene music and the sweet and calming sound of the fountain is a perfect spot to escape the histle and bustle of the city and drown one’s worries.

3. Art Sculptures

Thanks to the many attractions of Al Noor Island, one of the most important things the tourists can experience here is a boost in their creative ability. One such structure that is designed specifically to help others ignite their creativity is the Art Sculpture. These “bespoke art installations and sculptures” have been designed by some of the well-renowned artists around the world. The main aim behind designing and setting up these sculptures was to “complement the offerings of the Island while integrating seamlessly with its natural space and cultural aspects.” These pieces of art transport you to a whole new world altogether and you can not help but marvel at the uniqueness and the originality of the sculptures. If there is truly anything that is not touched by time, except the “Grecian Urn”, it would be these art sculptures. Throughout the island, there are six art installations that play with your mind and “awaken your senses”. The most important ones of these six installations are the Torus by David Harber, FOSSIL ROCKS, ACT Lighting Design and OVO Art Installation, Columns by Susanne Schmögner and Steel Sculpture by Edgar Tezak.

4. Kids Playground

Just wait before you think that your kids have plenty of playgrounds to choose from, in or near to your neighbourhood. If you want to provide your kids with a never before experience while in a playground, Al Noor Island’s Kids Playground is the place. This forest-themed playground is any kid’s dream and the abundance of trees and plants would provide them with a chance to experience nature better. The playground offers plenty of open space to run and ropes to navigate. This is the place where your young ones would have real fun even while being in a safe and controlled environment. The shades of the trees will offer you plenty of spots to rest while keeping an eye out for your children.

5. The Landscape

Today’s man has distanced himself much from nature, but it is essential that he reconnects with it so as to experience healthy and better living. The natural landscape of Al Noor Island is one that you have never been used to as it is full of green and life, and as one may say, a perfect paradise. Take a stroll through the island and breathe in the fresh air to rejuvenate your inner body and self. The Al Noor Island is home to over 70000 trees and plants and you can find everything from indigenous plants to endangered species of trees. To find a perfect blend of nature and technology, you can visit the Gleaming Meadows in the evening.