2016 Home Interior Trends

Sneak Peek into 2016 Interior Home Trends

Here is an end of year wrap around the top interior home trends surfacing in 2016. For the best insights on this matter we have met Nisha Varman Shetty, the innovative founder of The Urban Yogi. Nisha has a keen interest and an exceptional love for colors and handcrafted pieces. According to her ” how you live impacts how you feel” so she has provided us with the following list of top hot interior trends for 2016. This list will allow you to enhance your living environment & upgrade the look and feel of your place.

Invest in Metals

If you’ve been following the trends for the last three years, metals like silver; gold and bronze have toped the favourable list of the world’s leading designers. This coming year the trend continues and you will see us falling in love with burnished metal. Be it artistically rusty, or plated with a patina, be it in cutlery, tableware or even surface claddings, invest in an aged metal look and be on-trend.

Inside Out

We’ve seen a million ways of incorporating the outside into our interiors. Large glass windows, indoor reflection pools –we’ve done it all. This year, step outside and make your terrace or garden your living space. Invest in outdoor furniture like lounge sets and dining tables so that you can truly live outside and enjoy nature and escape the air conditioned indoors.

Tile It

Tiles of 2016 will come in a myriad of designs, finishes, colours and patterns. From the hand-made Turkish tiles in bright blue, orange and green, to the terracotta tiles that are stunning in their simple irregularities and hexagonal tiles that come silver plated – invest in tiles be it for your walls or your floors.

Think Organic

Support the world around you, from materials that are made locally. Be it hand crafted pieces, objects made of wood and stone. Invest in pieces that are up-scaled and repurposed. Re-invent and reuse furniture by giving it a new lick of paint or adding a few new embellishments. Not only do you give an old work of handicraft new life, in doing so, you help reduce your contribution to our carbon footprint and help artisans sustain their crafts.

Go ahead, pick your best tip and head to your nearest tools & crafts shop to pick up what is needed to re-purpose an old piece you have, or even add a vintage & rustic touch to what ever bores you even it is a new/modern object. You can always check The Urban Yogi online or visit their physical store for unique pieces and findings that will treat your home well & add that extra personal touch and feel to your home.