Dubai Marina or Discovery Gardens : Location Guide

Being in Dubai means you are surrounded by an ample of recreational destinations to pass unforgettable quality times with your families and friends.  Dubai has all what it needs to forget all your current worries and live life to the max with extreme enjoyment. As a Dubai resident, there are some locations you should never... Read more > got a bunch of new features !

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JustProperty Big Bang Radio Campaign is back!

JustProperty is advertising on three of the UAE’s largest radio stations. Starting today, you will be able to hear our great radio ads on City 101.6, Dubai 92 and Dubai Eye from 6 am to 10 pm daily. With our presence on these three stations, we will reach over 6.5 million unique listeners every single... Read more >

10 Things you must know before buying a property in Dubai

Closing a deal on a property in Dubai is definitely one of the most significant investment decisions you are going to make during your whole life. As a matter of fact, many people would like to have this chance so they can enrich their portfolio with such a quality asset. However, before going on such... Read more >
Best 5 real estate developers in Dubai

Best 5 real estate developers in Dubai

Many iconic projects are currently under construction in Dubai with work process progressing by leaps and bounds to deliver on time. Still, there more projects are launched by Dubai’s massive real estate developers who became well renowned around the world for their exotic structures and designs. Between the many factors contributing to the uniqueness of... Read more >

Why invest in Dubai real estate?

The city of tomorrow, or the city that stands on the verge of future. The success formula of Dubai business, especially Dubai real estate market, has many factors weighing in including its location, tourism attractiveness, high investment yields, and many other. However, there are some key components that initiated this legacy and had a great... Read more >
More leads for Dubai properties

More leads for your properties in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

A new partnership between and Shortlist to bring you more leads for your properties in Dubai and Abu Dhabi! has teamed up with Shortlist Dubai and Shortlist Abu Dhabi to reach out to more visitors than ever before. Shortlist is the starting point for those looking to what’s happening in and around Dubai... Read more >
apartments for sale in dubai

Prices of apartments for sale in Dubai are getting softer in 2017

  It’s a permanent question many current and potential real estate investors are asking these days; are the prices of displayed apartments for sale in Dubai getting softer in the coming period of time? By looking back at the last year and a half, Dubai apartments have indeed registered a slight recession in value for... Read more >

RERA rental price calculator

RERA rental calculator is calculation method to define the annual rental increase of any property. As a part of Dubai Land Department, this calculation is the only official mean of increasing the rent. Any violation to this calculation is seen as illegal by Dubai law. We thought about providing a simple explanation of RERA rental... Read more >

When is the best time to buy a property?

Since it’s agreeable that buying a property in Dubai is a very lucrative investment process that will definitely leave your capital accruing more value by time, not to mention the other income it generates. There is a common query asked by mostly all prospective real estate investors about the best timing for pouring cash in... Read more >