Why invest in Dubai real estate?

The city of tomorrow, or the city that stands on the verge of future. The success formula of Dubai business, especially Dubai real estate market, has many factors weighing in including its location, tourism attractiveness, high investment yields, and many other. However, there are some key components that initiated this legacy and had a great... Read more >
More leads for Dubai properties

More leads for your properties in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

A new partnership between JustProperty.com and Shortlist to bring you more leads for your properties in Dubai and Abu Dhabi! JustProperty.com has teamed up with Shortlist Dubai and Shortlist Abu Dhabi to reach out to more visitors than ever before. Shortlist is the starting point for those looking to what’s happening in and around Dubai... Read more >
apartments for sale in dubai

Prices of apartments for sale in Dubai are getting softer in 2017

  It’s a permanent question many current and potential real estate investors are asking these days; are the prices of displayed apartments for sale in Dubai getting softer in the coming period of time? By looking back at the last year and a half, Dubai apartments have indeed registered a slight recession in value for... Read more >

Get a closer look at RERA rental calculator

The emirate of Dubai has adopted a crystal clear calculation method to define the annual rental increase of any property, which is known as RERA rental calculator. As a part of Dubai Land Department, this calculation is the only official mean of increasing the rent. Any violation to this calculation is seen as illegal by... Read more >

When is the best time to buy a property?

Since it’s agreeable that buying a property in Dubai is a very lucrative investment process that will definitely leave your capital accruing more value by time, not to mention the other income it generates. There is a common query asked by mostly all prospective real estate investors about the best timing for pouring cash in... Read more >

Perks of buying a property in Dubai

If you are mulling the idea of buying a property in Dubai real estate market and bit hesitant about it, I can get you assured in less than 5 minutes that this is one of the best decisions of your life. As a matter of fact, property investment became a fast path to wealth, but... Read more >

Looking back at some of our 2016 highlights

2016 has been a HUGE year for JustProperty.com. Not only in terms of increased traffic and leads (our highest volume ever with monthly traffic increasing at 15% per month) but also in terms of product development. Looking back on the year we wanted to share with you some of our key product highlights of 2016.... Read more >

Getting pre-approved for a UAE mortgage has never been easier!

JustProperty.com has joined forces with Home Matters Mortgage Consultants to offer a brand new interactive online mortgage advisory platform that provides home-buyers with a rich array of valuable information about the financial costs of buying and mortgaging the property of their choice. The most comprehensive online tool of its kind in the U.A.E., the “Mortgage... Read more >