Major Dubai Police Fines

Dubai has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East. Millions of tourists visit this desert metropolitan city every year, to experience manmade engineering marvels this country boasts. Also, due to the stupendous growth in infrastructure over the past few decades, Dubai has become an international commercial hub, creating enormous employment... Read more >

List of Churches and Temples in Dubai

UAE is a Muslim country, but it is home to communities from all over the world, people of different religious faiths and beliefs. It’s estimated that around 85 per cent of the UAE’s population is immigrants – with varied nationalities and religions represented in the cities and desert across the nation. Fortunately, the country is... Read more >

Hyperloop and its Impact on Dubai Real Estate

The term Hyperloop was coined by Elon Musk, founder of Tesla & SpaceX, back in 2012. And ever since, it has become one of the hottest topics for research and discussion amongst scientists and science enthusiasts across the globe. Countries like France, Russia, Germany, the US, the UK and India are in a bid to... Read more >

All you need to know about Trakheesi

Dubai has been a prime destination for entities across the globe for either settling down as or as an investment opportunity. The real estate in Dubai is itself a multi-million dollar market and a very lucrative prospect for investments. For anyone who wants get into real estate business in Dubai, it is very important to... Read more >

How to File a Rental Dispute in Dubai

Dubai has been a land of opportunities for people from across the globe. You will find people of different nationalities and cultures. Hence, it is a very difficult time finding a perfect home for them. Most common among expatriates is rental based housing. In fact, the majority of the foreign working class lives on a... Read more >

Top 6 places for night camping in the UAE

UAE comprises some of the busiest cities in the world. Especially, if you work in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the hustle of urban life is bound to follow 24×7. Skyscrapers, humongous malls, ultra-luxury hotels and resorts, larger than life theme parks and crowded places are what you usually experience in the cities in UAE. While... Read more >

All you need to know about Makani Dubai

What is Makani Dubai? The Makani number is a distinctive 10 digit code locating a building. Whether it is a villa, high-rise, hospital, tower or office, every structure in Dubai has its number, and every number is distinctive. By using this number, a person can know the location of himself or of others within a... Read more >

Things you Need to know about Dubai Metro

The stations in the Dubai Metro line offer many facilities such as retail outlets and booths, such as coffee shops, boutiques, places to eat and tourist information. Currently, on the Red Line, car parking facilities areas are available at Rashidiya and Jumeirah Islands, both having 3,000 places each. There are only a few car parking... Read more >

Most Affordable Residential Communities in Dubai

Living in Dubai is not really on the lower side. The rents in the city take away a large part of the salaries. However, you should not feel worried about the situation since there still places where you can find very affordable houses to rent. Below are some of the places where you can find... Read more >