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Dubai Villas

Next to marina apartments, Dubai villas are among the most sought after properties to rent or live in for the short or long term. This is because a villa allows you to be yourself and caters to your lifestyle by allowing you to express yourself in the best possible manner.

Dubai villas for rent are hard to find if you do not have the services of a good real estate agent. But with the experience of Just Rentals Dubai, getting even the most exclusive villas to rent in Dubai becomes easier. Dubai Marina villas are among the most high priced in Dubai, followed by the more reasonably priced Dubai holiday villas.

Villas tend to be in communities that often are built to allow outdoor activities and include amenities such as parks, pavements for walks and lakes. In particular, most villa communities tend to be very green with plenty of trees along the roads in addition to communal parks and gardens, thus creating a serene family atmosphere. 

In Dubai we have the Springs, the Meadows, the Emirate Hills and the Arabian Ranches which are villa areas that are often the preferred choice of families looking for a good community area in which their children could grow up. There are villa communities that range from those catering for mostly townhouses e.g. the Springs to the very large and luxurious detached villas such as the Palm Jumeirah or Emirate Hills.

No matter what type of villa you require, Just Rentals Dubai can help you find and make the best choice from its portfolio.